The Old Gray Goose

The Old Gray Goose (occasionally known as Robert Gray) hails From New England and is older than the oldest tree in the Redwood forest. Many years ago he made his way to Lockport, New York where he worked for many more years at the YMCA and their pastoral, Camp Kenan on the sweeping banks of Lake Ontario. A wonderful role model for generations of children in the area in the 1990’s he entered Avalon Recording Studios with producer and former camper Geoffrey Giuliano. Together they wrote and recorded numerous stories which were released in a limited edition run of a few thousand CDs. Many were quickly sold – even more stolen from a local warehouse – which brings us to today. Now, some  thirty plus years later Goose’s King Tut’s tomb of wonderful stories, songs and poems for kids of all ages are being re-released online at OLDGRAYGOOSE.COM for kids everywhere to wonder at all over again – and a whole new generation of fans to feel the magic of this truly gifted people’s entertainer and gentle teacher of life’s highest lessons.